Our Story Bodegoes Restaurant: Your Local Bodega-Inspired Eatery in Winnipeg


Bodegoes was inspired through the name bodega, which is a common global reference to a local community store. The local bodega story relates to our story in many facets and allows us to continue supporting those important community traditions in the new century:

The traditional bodega:

  • Built its business on what the community needed
  • Adapted to its community surrounding through local food, drink and commerce
  • Engaged its customers and valued from their input and ideas
  • Maintained local ownership and entrepreneurial operators


  • A restaurant that is limitless in its creativity to deliver affordable, healthy quick casual food
  • A restaurant that is inspired by global food trends and cultural diversity
  • A restaurant that prides itself in crafting authentic homemade menu items through the use of fresh, quality, nutritional raw ingredients
  • A restaurant that exemplifies its credence through product presentation and innovative consumer packaging
  • A restaurant that is committed to community development and fostering local business partnerships
  • A restaurant that is dedicated to pursuing the development of management ownership opportunities and encouraging strong team work ethic
  • A restaurant that appreciates and values its customers knowledge and creativity by allowing them to play an active role in how the company evolves
  • A restaurant that is committed to sustainable development and becoming a certified Green Restaurant under the GRA Guidelines for North America