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Bodegoes is pleased to offer a wide variety of affordable catering options that will satisfy your office lunch meetings or late night gatherings:

  • Stuffed Pita Platters
  • Noodle Platters
  • Greek/Caesar/Oriental/Southwest/Spinach Salads
  • Chicken Fingers with House Honey Dill Sauce
  • Cookie Platters
  • Assorted Canned Coke and Bottled Water

With over 50 individual meal items to choose from we are sure to put together a great package for your special event that is tailored to your individual requests.


At Bodegoes we understand the importance of catering within your organization and the need for your catering partner to provide a great quality product with a reliable delivery service.

Therefore what we need from your end is the following:

  • Minimum 24 hours notice
  • However we do prefer you ordering in advance, as we only have so many spots available each day

Please indicate any special requests that need to be applied to the order in regards to health and allergy requirements as well as special delivery information which is outlined on our order form.

For more information and to work with a member of our catering team please contact us at: catering@bodegoes.com

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