Sustainable Restaurant Plan

Help Us Help the Planet!

Bodegoes is committed to reducing our environmental footprint both internally and externally throughout the restaurant and our community. Based on the criteria outlined by Green Restaurant Association Standards of the United States, Bodegoes hopes to be one of the first Canadian Fast Casual Restaurants to meet and or exceed the environmental requirements in our industry in the next 2 years.

As a proud Manitoba Company we are continually reviewing and bettering our knowledge of how to:
  • Reduce and recycle restaurant packaging
  • Compost organic food waste
  • Preserve natural gas heat and electricity
Can it be done without compromising your experience as a guest in our establishment? We think so and so do many of our business partners who will be joining us on continually improving and evolving our Sustainable Development Plan.

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Sustainable Objective 2012-2013

  1. 85% Waste Reduction Plan
  2. Compostable and Recycling Packaging Strategy

1. Waste Reduction Plan

Introduce the following systems to the restaurant by Dec 01, 2012
  • Recycling Program
  • Organic Composting Program
  • Cardboard Recycling
  • Bowls/Plates and Cutlery
The overall goal of the program will be to reduce restaurant waste by 85% in the first
year by managing how our guests dispose of waste as well as our backend kitchen team
manages waste through effective composting and recycling containers.

2. Packaging Strategy

All of our new packaging has been designed to be both recyclable and compostable so
that our products leaving the restaurant have as limited impact on the environment as they
would have if enjoyed within the restaurant:

This includes the following:
  • Bodegoes Take Out Bag
  • Bodegoes Cone (Fish and Chip/Chicken Finger Package)
  • Bodegoes Wrap
  • Bodegoes New Noodle Box (Will have directions on how to remove wire handle to compost or recycle)
  • Pizza Containers
  • Compostable Straws